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Jarlights was founded In 2012 when we were asked to make a light to be hung in a glass jar but this time to assemble it ready for installation. This we did and so far have made over 6000 of these assembled jars and you can see these hanging in most of the high street chain of Superdry stores. However this was not anything new. Jars and mainly Jam Jars have been wired for many years now with lights and you can find these everywhere with the States being possible the leading force for now.

About Us

We are a family run business in the South of England and with our background in Electrical installations and domestic spares and accessories for over 10 years both on line and from a retail shop. Whilst we have seen many changes over the years both in retail and on line, our aim remains the same, to provide a friendly and reliable service for both the consumer and trader alike.

Where did Jarlights spring up from? Well several years ago we offered many individual lamp parts on our sister site lampspares.co.uk. The service being aimed at the customer that wants to make their own lamp from many types of materials or repair an existing lamp.

After being approached to make the jarlights for superdry we thought, why not offer these to our customers ready assembled but also to go a bit further and allow our customers to design their own lights. Let them pick what jar, how many, the flex colour etc. This means we now can provide over 2000 different combinations and this is growing fast.

We make all fitting in our workshop in the UK.

We are proud members of the lighting industry association meaning we have gone through a strict process to ensure our products and procedures comply to safe regulations.

All of our finished jarlights are fully assembled and tested by 17th edition qualified electricians.

We recommend in using a qualified electrician to install your light fitting.

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